Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tricia's Sopaipillas....

Okay, here I go with my first blog...When I look at these savoring, crispy, puffy, deep-fried Sopaipillas my mouth starts to water. My mind wonders off to the smell of a home cooked meal. I can still see my mother with her rolling pin in her hands and her dish towel thrown over her shoulder as she rolled out the dough she has set out. I remember our cupboards filled with the ingredients needed to be used to transform them into these delicious Spanish pastries. There in the kitchen, were my brothers and sisters and I all sitting around the table waiting until the evening prayer was finished, then the bowl of hot and steamy fresh sopas went around. Once served, we would top the sopaipillas with sweet tasting honey, waiting to sink our teeth into the soft, but yet crispy pastry. Wow, what a treat! That is what my kids say as they are served this magnificent Spanish pastry. However, for our health sake we don't have them every meal like I did. I do have my daughter with her rolling pin and dish towel thrown over her shoulder passing on this family tradition just as it was passed on to me. I can even taste them now as I write about them...

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  1. Great first blog! I look forward to big essay! (and I love sopaipillas...)