Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mmmmm, Ceviche...Anna's Food Memoir

I haven't blogged here's something start this off.
I think food is definitely a generation of memories in my family. Being that my family is from Ecuador, I grew up eating home cooked soups, rice with fish, and a variety of fruits.What I loved the most was the rice with fish. Oh, and what's a meal prepared without traditional Ecuadorian music and drinks.
I didn't grow up with fast food or frozen boxed food. My mom refused to make these or considered it a waist of money.For the most part I am so grateful she stuck by her traditional meals but occasionally some greasy foods sounded so tasty.
Now grown up and raising a little boy, I do the same for my son. He loves rice with fish and vegetable soups. Of course, my mom still prepares the best homemade soups compared to mine.
With how much my son loves our Ecuadorian meals, I don't think our traditions will fade anytime soon. Rice, fish, soups, and fruit might not seem to exciting or appetizing but you would have to consider everything else that goes in with the meal (music, drinks, family, and laughter).


  1. Great first blog post, Anna. I look forward to seeing it in its final form (remember-a full-fledged essay is key!).

  2. Hello class,
    I was trying to post a link with the recipe for Ceviche but I wasn't able to get back into my blog. Below is a site with one of the many recipes for Ecuadorian Ceviche.