Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

My favorite food is my girlfriend’s chicken pot pie. The vegetables we get from the farm are so good. The pie comes from the oven steaming out of its golden brown crust and when we break through it with the knife chunks of carrot and potato mix with the broken crust and condensed soup and peas, celery and chicken. I always burn my mouth because it's too good to wait.
I like digging in the dirt. At farm volunteer days we plant or weed, sitting or kneeling on the ground and moving slowly up the row, careful not to disturb the plants behind us as we move. It’s the kind of Saturday that feels worthy for a long time. There's a summer solstice celebration too.
The produce varies with the season and goes 36 weeks total, every weekend during the summer distribution, and every other during winter. There are all kinds of fruits from the Western Slope in the fall. Hotchkiss, Colorado is where the apples and peaches come from. Apple cider, pumpkins, bread baked on the farm and unpasteurized milk. There’s a barter share too, if you work three hours a week you get a share in trade. Enough to feed two people through the harvest season.
This website called Local Harvest lists farms that direct market to customers in the Denver area.

The picture is of our distribution site where the shares are divided among the 16 share members in the Golden area.

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  1. Joe! This is not quite an essay. Remember, the food blog is still an essay (and all its parts), just posted as a blog. It looks like a great draft, though!