Thursday, March 25, 2010

The East Coast + Seafood

Colorado is a place unlike any other. There are huge mountains and big blue skies almost every day of the week. Having grown up in Massachusetts, however, I have come to miss many things that are prevalent to the coastal regions. The thing I miss more than anything is the ocean. Living in a small town called Scituate, where the ocean was no more than a 2 minute walk from our house has made moving to Colorado difficult. It seems like the biggest body of water is a puddle formed by a light rain storm. I think this is in fact the largest body of water in Colorado. While I miss the ocean immensely, I have found that at times, I miss the seafood even more.

As a fishing town, Scituate was a prime place to live if you enjoyed eating seafood. Traveling to the south end of town brought you to the harbor where you could meet with the fisherman and pick out any sea-creature you fancied. From lobsters to small sharks, they had just about anything you could think of. I even remember going down there with my friend when they reeled in a huge Mako Shark last year. It was like a scene from Jaws, just without all the gratuitous violence. The harbor was the hub of the town. You could literally smell it a mile away, although I must say I don’t think anyone actually enjoyed the smell of dead and rotting fish.

When I was growing up I remember eating a wide-array of seafood. The thing I enjoyed the most, however, was the fresh tuna. I’m sorry people but the cans of StarKist brand tuna just does not compare. Having eaten fresh stuff on a regular basis I don’t even know how they call that canned stuff Tuna. It doesn’t even taste remotely the same. When you are able to get Fresh Tuna, there is nothing better. I used to make grilled tuna steaks all the time. I miss the days, where I could go to the docks and get the tuna I needed for the dish. It is much harder to find the things I need out here in Denver.

Many of my friends growing up had parents that worked in the fishing industry. I remember going lobster trolling with my friend when I was in 4th grade. Being able to catch a lobster and then take it home and cook it is an awesome experience. In general, Lobster and crab are some of the greatest foods you can try. They contain some of the tenderest mean out there, and are relatively easy to cook. If you add butter and vegetables, you have quite a meal on your hands!

The nice thing about Scituate is the immense amount of beaches. I believe there are roughly 5 beaches within 10 miles of each other. While it is difficult to cook on the beach, there are plenty of people who do, and I was usually one of them. Bring a small grill, and you are all set for a great time. I cannot count the times that I spent all day on the beach with my friends fishing and cooking our catches. Talk about fresh meat! Watching the sunset while eating your newly caught meal is nothing short of spectacular.

While I enjoy seafood a great deal, I know that a lot of people truly despise it. My mom for instance could not stand the smell or the taste of it. (Although she did grow up in Colorado) I guess it’s somewhat of an acquired taste. For someone like me, simply smelling something like clam chowder or grilled salmon and I'm in heaven.

Seafood isn’t just a type of food, it’s a lifestyle. Those who truly appreciate it know what I’m talking about. There is an almost infinite amount of fish, and crustaceans out there, and they all taste different. I for one, enjoy tasting new things. If you want mundane stick to your usual hamburger, if you want something different try something that lives in the ocean. It’s a pretty big area and you might even find something you like!

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