Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mmmmm... Anna's Ecuadorian Dish

Food is definitely a generation of memories in my family. Being that my family is from Ecuador, I grew up eating home cooked soups, rice with fish and a variety of fruits. Ecuadorian meals provide a healthy lifestyle and longevity. The meals are pretty traditional. What I enjoyed and loved eating the most was rice and fish. Ceviche was also a great dish for snacking. Try this link for the Ecuadorian Ceviche recipe. What is a meal prepared without traditional Ecuadorian music and drinks.
I didn't grow up with much fast food or frozen boxed food. My mother refused to make these and considered it a waste of money. My mother and father love cooking. They wanted to teach all the kids that cooking can be more fun than having to eat out all the time. Rice was included in every meal. You would think that I would be sick of eating it but I still love it. Fish, I've had all kinds of fish. I would say that trout and salmon are my favorite. Ceviche is a wonderful and delightful dish. There are different recipes for Ceviche but I attached the common Ecuadorian dish. For breakfast, we always had some sort of fruit. For snacks, that too was some sort of fruit. Not so bad, I guess. It definitely filled up our little tummies. Although, every once in awhile a nice greasy burger sounded tasteful. The soups were so hearty and wonderful. My mom would include so many different vegetables.
These were happy and pleasant moments in the Leon kitchen, with my family. I loved it. My parents would turn on some Ecuadorian cumbias and pour each other a glass of wine. Then that's when the cooking began. My father always had to pull my mother aside for at least one dance and then continue cooking. It's beautiful, they still do this.
Now grown up and raising a little boy, I hold the traditions and pass them to him. He loves all the Ecuadorian meals we cook. Of course, my mother still prepares the best homemade soups compared to mine. It's still delightful and fabulous.

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