Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food as an Evil

A vice by definition is: “an immoral or evil act”. We all have our vices, and my vice is food. It’s a necessity, it’s a pleasure, it’s the center of a social gathering, it’s a hobby… it’s evil. Being an over-eater is not a popular confession. I suppose doing so would just state the obvious. The beauty of confession is the ability to be heard and understood. Grace is extended to the humble… sometimes.
But what happens when confession doesn’t cure the problem? “The truth shall set you free” but really there is no freedom in the truths of a binge eater. There is the shame and guilt that ensues after the pleasure of stuffing yourself so much you feel you literally might explode. There’s the social humility, especially being a woman. I may feel better after a McYuckies value meal, but my heart aches when I realize I’ve eaten it in secret. I want people to believe that I only eat when I’m around them, but my secret trips to the dumpsters to discard the evidence only makes me feel more pathetic and hopeless.

The government has labeled obesity as an “epidemic”. Even Michelle Obama is at work full force with changing the foods provided in schools and educating children on the importance of healthy food choices. In my opinion, we’re tackling the wrong issue. Society is corrupt. More children are being raised in broken homes, are exposed inappropriately to sex, deal with drugs at home AND in school more than ever before… and we’re tackling obesity? The common joke of “eating away emotions” is a joke because it’s a truth. I can’t help but be enraged when its passed off as a lack of control of physical defect. It’s a coping mechanism. We don’t ignore scars on wrists, or bad behavior, why do ignore the signs of obesity?

I have all the education I need to eat healthy. I’ve been exposed to incredible delicacies and have experienced the greatest of tastes. I’ve had incredible conversations, and have been a part of wonderful life long memories. In proper context, it’s a beautiful thing and a great gift. But for now, food to me, is an evil.

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